Online Reputation

“Your reputation preceeds you….”

Online Reputation ManagementProspective customers will probably look online for reviews of your business before they contact you…

Do you stand out from your competition for all the right reasons?!

Do you have reviews online? 

Do you have a 4-5 star reputation? 

Do you have any bad reviews and if so, have you mitigated these? 

Are you actively managing the online reputation of your business?  

Your potential customers will likely seek out your business online and check out what others have said about you before making contact with you.  Those businesses that are not actively managing and marketing their reputation online are probably losing market share and in effect, ‘giving’ new business prospects to their competitors and therefore, leaving their business vunerable to a poor online profile.   Unfortunately, unhappy and dissatisfied customers are significantly more likely to leave a review online than happy, satisfied ones and without an online reputation strategy to actively take control of your profile online,  your business is unnecessarily exposed.  It is therefore, in our opinion, vital to actively manage this process, to present the best possible online reputation for your business and in turn, get more customers and increase market share.

bad reviewsMost businesses feel powerless in managing their online reputation, yet there is a lot that they can do.  With active monitoring, management and marketing, a business’ reputation online can be improved and ‘controlled’ where necessary.  By responding to negative reviews, marketing and encouraging positive reviews and encouraging feedback from customers, a business can be well positioned online.  (Please note, we do not support the creation of false reviews in anyway and would discourage any business to fabricate their online profile.  Such activity is unethical and unnecessary).

If you would like to find out more about how to take maximise and optimise your business’ reputation online, get our free report today and give us a call to discuss how we may help you.