Mobile App

The explosive popularity of mobile devices has led to an enormous new market for apps of all types.

As a small business owner, mobile apps can also be used to help you attract new customers, keep customers coming back for more, and build more genuine, long-term connections between your brand and your target audience.

What are Mobile Apps?

iphone-410311_640A mobile app (or “application”) is a form of computer software that is designed to run on small, wireless computer devices such as smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Their main purpose is to provide mobile users with some of the similar services available via PCs and laptops.  Some apps are small and contain limited functionality for the sole purpose of accomplishing one task, while more sophisticated apps contain more robust features and advanced functionality.

Some apps entertain, such as games, music-streaming apps, and video-streaming apps. Others educate, such as apps that provide helpful tips and advice on widely popular interests.   For businesses, a mobile application provides a means to stream information such as offers, news, information directly to your customers as well as offering easy online booking of your services and so much more.

Why Mobile Apps?

With your own mobile app, you can stay within reach of your customers and potential customers around the clock.

Advertising has taken on a new form with mobile apps; traditional ads are seen as an “interruption,” whereas users who own your app actually want to hear from you.

Palm of handBy being able to utilize the “push-button” notification feature, you can contact your mobile app users within seconds – right in the palm of their hands.

You can update them on company news, special discounts and offers, and other type of information they would find useful. It’s also a passive way to showcase your products and services in a subtle way without a lot of hard-selling.

However, one of the best ways to get the most out of your app is to provide a solution to a problem your customers may have; this is a powerful way to keep them glued.

Some studies show that 30-60% of mobile app users open push notifications and approximately 40% of them interact with the app immediately after receiving the notification.

Having your own mobile app allows you to:

  • Provide a portal where customers can learn about your products and services
  • Educate visitors on your company, its goals, and how you can help them
  • Reward, recognize and encourage repeat customers to keep coming back for more

What We Do

Our team specializes in developing innovative mobile apps and app-based business marketing strategies for businesses just like yours.

We will custom-design an app specifically for your business that can perform a wide variety of tasks related to your specific goals.   A custom business app is an effective business promotion and marketing tool for many businesses and is often overlooked, yet, your business could be found on the Google Play store (Android) and/or Apple iOs App Store and more importantly, in the palm of the hands of your customers from as little as £1997!

Ready to Get Started?

A mobile app can put you a step ahead of the competition and keep you front of mind and in touch with your customers.

It’s time for you to leverage new-age digital marketing by putting your business right in the palms of your target audience…

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