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The Mobile Revolution is Here!!

woman on the go with a smartphoneLook around you… everywhere you go, you will find people using the smart mobile devices to access the internet, watch videos, chat and connect with others and so much more.  Most people have their smartphones within arm’s reach 24/7!!  Where is your phone right now?  I imagine, it is not far away from you!!

This major shift in the accessibility and buying habits of consumers presents an unprecedented opportunity to businesses to get infront, stay infront and communicate with prospective and existing customers.  AND, these mobile marketing opportunities can be highly targetted, relatively low cost and very effective!

Test if Google thinks your website is Mobile Friendly!

customers are mobile nowTo ensure lasting and sustainable business, most businesses must meet their customers where they are… which is on their mobile devices!!

– A mobile website is now a basic requirement as mobile browsers now exceed those of desktop PCs and laptops.  And Google have now updated their search engine ranking algorithms to ensure that mobile users are given mobile friendly search engine results.  (If your website is not ‘mobile friendly’, not only will you lose custom from mobile visitors, but Google will stop promoting your website over others that are mobile compliant!).  Click to find out more about Google’s search engine algorithm changes.

– A Mobile Application is a powerful marketing and business tool for many businesses, but not all.  Find out which businesses would benefit from having their own mobile application and literally be in the palm of their customers hand!

QR codes and NFT (near field technology) are powerful ways to make it easy (remove barriers) for your customers to find you, connect and engage with you.

SMS marketing opportunities provide excellent, low cost method to deliver your marketing messages directly and instantly to the palm of the hand of your customers!

Give us a call to discuss how we can help you build and grow your business by   including the right Mobile Marketing opportunities into your marketing activities for maximum return on investment.

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Google Mobile Update:  Mobile Friendly websites will be given preference for mobile search engine results from 21 April 2015