Next Steps, if your website is NOT ‘mobile friendly’

Firstly, if you have not checked if your website is mobile friendly in Google’s eyes, take the test now!

If your site is considered mobile friendly by Google, there may be more you can do to your website to improve customer user experience, conversion and engagement, however, you should not be affected by the Google algorithm changes starting on 21 April 2015.

If your website did NOT pass the ‘mobile friendly’ test, then we suggest that you take swift action to get a mobile friendly website, so your business does not suffer from loss in google search engine ranking.  You are not alone, even the BBC have reported to fail the test!

COP_comparisonThis image shows a comparison of how a mobile website appears on a mobile device compared with a desktop website.  Which would you rather use?

Here are your options now:

Let us do it for you:  We are currently offering a swift solution for the many businesses that find themselves in this situation.  We can create a simple mobile friendly website along with a related QR code for only £199.  Call us or send us a message to get your mobile website today!

Or, do it yourself:  Google have provided information for you to make necessary changes to your website yourself to satisfy their mobile friendly test:

– If you have a CMS website, click here for Google’s advice to make the necessary changes

– If you built your website yourself, click here for Google’s instructions to make the necessary changes in html

However you choose to make your website mobile friendly, I would urge you to make this happen as soon as possible.  Give us a call to discuss how quickly we can get you mobile friendly in the eyes of Google and save your business from losing ground.